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  • toothless guy

    I walked into the drug store in an especially good mood — so good, I smiled at everyone. No harm could ever come from that, right? When I walked back out to my car a strange man was hovering over my windshield. He was gruff, dirty, wearing too many layers and hadn’t shaved in awhile. He had a friend with him. He looked up at me and smiled really wide. He was missing his front teeth. “Oh good,” he said. “Now I can give this to you in person.” He handed me a note. “I saw you in the store and you smiled at me. You seem really nice. This has my phone number on it. Maybe we can hook up sometime.” Um, how did he know which car was mine?! I swallowed and said, “Oh…Um. Well, I’m married.” Not a problem. “That’s OK! I don’t mind. Call me soon,” and he forced the note in my hand. I think I was supposed to be flattered, but I took a different route home with extra turns, checking my rear view mirror often. Thanks for making my day weird, toothless guy! HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! Beth the Other Admin

  • rubbers for men

    I worked as a Customer Service Manager at Wal-Mart in New Hampshire for about a year. This required me to wear a bright red vest and stand at a podium in the front center of the store, so people thought I was an information booth. One day an old man who looked a lot like Mr. Rogers approached me. He looked me straight in the eye and asked, “where can I get rubbers for men?” I was twenty years old and instantly embarrassed. I composed myself and answered with a quiet voice, “umm…I think they’re in the pharmacy.” He looked at me with horror in his eyes and exclaimed, “NOT THAT KIND OF RUBBERS! They’re for your feet.” Apparently “rubbers” is a local word for rain boots. This moment was beyond awkward for both of us, and the awkwardness reappeared every time this man came back to my small town Wal-Mart. Micah the Admin