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  • you are a gal, right?

    I am a man. When I worked at Wal-Mart I had slightly longer hair about chin length and no beard. I was standing in the front of the store and was approached by an elderly woman. She got really close to me and asked in a quiet voice if I could tell that she had wet herself. This was awkward. I looked down at her and couldn’t tell, so I told her that I couldn’t. She looked up at me and squinted. Then she asked, “You are a gal, right?” I said, “No. Sorry.” She walked away. Micah the Admin

  • junior high is awesome…

    This story is when I was about 12 years old and in the 6th grade. One night I had spent the night at my friends house.I had a crush on her brother so it makes this story even more traumatic. When we woke up in morning I had to pee VERY bad. This family only had one bathroom and it was occupied. I tried to hold it but could not and peed my pants. I was in their CARPETED dining room. To make matters worse as soon as it happened their little bitty dog came over and started to lick my leg. I had to ride my bike home with pee all over me. Junior High is AWESOME. Vania – TX