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  • ummm…why are you calling me?

    In first grade I was friends with a girl that we will call Candice. First grade. We went to the same school pretty much for the next nine years and never spoke to each other. I’d see her in passing and would hear random bits about her, but that’s it. One night when I was a sophomore in high school the phone rang. My dad answered, “who? Candice? Micah, it’s for you. It’s someone named Candice White.” My dad smiled at me in a sort of wink wink way. I wondered why on earth Candice White would be calling me. She had become popular and was in a serious/crazy relationship with a guy in the very popular jock crowd and only just recovering from another crazy/serious relationship with another guy just like him. Everyone knew about it. I took the phone anyway, held my breath and answered. “Ummm…hi?” “Hey, Micah,” she said with a way too excited peppy voice. “Hi.” “Do you know who this is?” “Yes. What’s going on?” “I just wanted to talk.” “Ummm…ok. Why are you calling me?” “I was just thinking that we should start talking.” “Ok…” Realizing this was some strange attempt at asking me out, I went on to explain to her that I was intentionally not dating anyone and not going to. I had my heart set on Beth the Other Admin already. She responded with a few more sentences about how we should talk more. We never talked. We should just say “hey” and stuff in the hallways at school. Whatever. I said, “Ok…I guess.” The awkwardness continued for a month or two after this. We would see each other in the halls at school and say “hey” or “hi.” I tried to smile, but it was always a little creepy, and I was always slightly afraid of her two angry yet very cool jock boyfriends. Micah the Admin

  • didn't he have the hots for you?

    I was a freshman in college trying to mind my own business and eat some dinner with my roommate when a guy we both new from high school came and asked if he could sit and eat with us. No problem. He’s a nice guy. In high school, he had tried to ask me out through a friend and through a few random situations, I had kind of figured that he had liked me. For some stupid reason, I had mentioned it to my loud mouth roommate, Penelope a while before this dining hall A.M. (that’s short for awkward memory). So Burt sat down to eat with us. At this point I don’t think his feelings for me were the same. During the course of the small talk that passed between the three of us, Penelope found it necessary to blurt out, “Hey, didn’t you say that Burt liked you in high school and tried to ask you out?” An awkward expression passed over Burt’s face as I felt metal welding degrees of heat rush to my face. This was awkward for two reasons: 1) It’s just awkward to have someone say that in front of the person you passively rejected a romantic relationship with IN FRONT OF THEM and 2) NOW HE KNOWS I TALKED ABOUT IT TO MY ROOMMATE AND SHE REMEMBERED IT ENOUGH TO BRING IT UP. Timid Tamara

  • i'm adopted

    In high school I was very quick to talk and slow to think. Once, I was riding in a car with friends, and we started talking about adoptions. I came up with the not-so-brilliant idea that adopted children could never have the same level of relationship with their parents as biological children. I said this with full confidence and began to argue with my friends. One girl, Megan, was especially fierce in her argument with me. I repeated my points and supporting ideas, talking louder and faster. And then it happened. Megan said, “Micah, I’m adopted!” Then we went silent. And yes, it was an awkward silence. A man with a theory is always at the mercy of a man with an experience. I was wrong. Micah the Admin