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    I remember reluctantly going early to help prepare my great-uncle’s house for his 80something birthday last summer. There was this gorgeous girl helping with the food. I figured she was around my age and I wanted to “talk” to her and possibly get her number. My trip might end up not being a total waste, I thought. She was around my aunt a lot and the way they were talking it was like my aunt raised her or something but I was sure she wasn’t her child. Anyways, this girl was really good-looking, no joke, so I finally see her alone and I muster up the courage to go talk to her. And so it went … Me: “Hey” Her: “Hey ” … long awkward pause Me: *I point to my aunt* “Do you know Aunt Flo?” Her: “She’s my aunt” Me: “oh … that’s cool” … another awkward pause … “I guess that makes us cousins” Her: [with a rather sarcastic smile] “Yep” I die a little inside, make up some lame excuse about something I have to do and quickly walk away. I tried my best to not be seen by her the rest of the day. Frank – Earth