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  • getting him branded

    Late one afternoon a young guy and girl came in for their appointment, he was getting his leg done under her command with roman numerals, MASSIVE roman numerals circling right around the top of his calf. She was sitting chatting away with her friend and he was in the middle of his tattoo when I dandered over. She’d just told a story about how they met, and that the roman numerals were the date of when they first started going out, suddenly I worked out that the roman numeral date was ONLY about five months prior to the day we were on. With no mission to stop my mouth before engaging it I blurted out, “Wow! Five months – you didn’t waste anytime getting him branded…..” She just looked at me. There was nothing, just an icy stare. I was like, “I mean, ummm, that’s …..like, so sweet….that you guys are like ummm….so sure of yourselves that you’re getting that ….tattooed, so huge, right around his leg, really big……nice.” 😀 Tanya – Belfast

  • phonetics flop

    Once when I was in a phonetics class at an intensive Spanish training program, the instructor asked everyone to think of a word in Spanish with a long u (ooo) sound. When it got to be my turn, I blurted out the word “gula.” I don’t know why that word came to mind, as I had no idea what it meant. I must have heard it or read it in an article at some point and merely forgotten its meaning. I do remember I said it slow and drawn-out like, though, and I remember thinking I sounded weird as I said it. I also remember the horrified look the instructor gave me when I said it and how she just went on to the next person without commenting. Later when I got to my room I looked up the word and was horrified to find out that it meant “gluttony.” The instructor just happened to be an extremely rotund woman, which explained her horrified reaction to my example. I never went back to the phonetics class (it was an extra-curricular optional activity) and I avoided the instructor from then on. Lauren – Somewhere