suggested topics


unwanted advice
“the talk”
from the mouth of babes
elephant in the room
excuse me, sir? – ma’am!
freudian slips
too much information
foot in mouth
didn’t expect her to cry
when is that baby due?
what was your name again?
airplane neighbors
public arguments
government workers
you’re fired
the truth comes out
too loud whispers
embarrassing moments
first dates
blind dates
intercepted notes
oops i wet myself
not invited
almost kissed
he’s behind me isn’t he?
that “jerk” is my father
work place pecking order
zipper moments
anger outburst
graphic birth stories
let’s hang out and talk about my pyramid scheme
high school reunions
family reunions
road rage
my boss is Michael Scott
lost in translation
dorm life
adult children
meet the parents

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