Category: drive-by awkward

  • the soccer mom

    I was standing at the counter with my husband at a little five and dime store waiting to get checked out. The only employee in the store was stuck on a very tall ladder putting inventory away on a top shelf. He acknowledged us and told us it would just be a minute. We were the only customers until a woman and her young daughter came in. The woman brushed past us, grabbed whatever item she had purposed to buy, and, even though we were standing right up at the counter, managed to step in front of us (making us step backward) and put her item in front of ours. The cashier was down from his ladder by this point. He eyed the lady and looked at us helplessly. Looking rather confused he let her pay, glancing at us apologetically. The lady grabbed her things and her daughter, left the store, never giving us any hint that something unusual just happened. Beth the Other Admin

  • wrong bathroom, or so he thought

    The campus I live on gives certain janitorial jobs to those living on it to avoid hiring someone else to do it and thus saving money. My job is to clean the outside bathrooms. So the other day I was walking across the court yard to clean them and since the mens restroom was closest I headed for that first. As I approached it I heard someone inside using it so I changed direction and headed for the girls. At that very moment a man walked by and said “did you just almost go into the boys room? Are you confused?” He laughed, passed me and was gone before I could correct his assumption that I was an idiot. Hana – TX