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  • didn't help the interview

    I was scheduled to have an interview at Panera in the afternoon after I was supposed to pick my brother and cousin from school. As I pulled up to the school circle drive my cousin and brother decided to run up and jump on to the hood of my car. Luckily I wasn’t driving very fast. I thought, “Okay, no problem. I’ll just give them a lift to their bags a bit up the drive.” I went slowly and it was fine. Mind you, these boys were in 8th grade and I should have known this wasn’t going to end well. As I came to their bags and started to stop the car my cousin jumped from the hood off to the side and my brother jumped from the hood only aiming for the front of the car and not the side. As I slammed on my brakes I realized that my brother had landed just slightly to the left and only his shoe was run down by my tire. The tire only scraped the side of his shoe and drew a little blood from his ankle. Well, this was a full-on public school with hundreds of children — everyone freaked out. The police were called, the fire department was called and an ambulance was called. We had to wait in the principal’s office until our parents came. The cops had to question everyone in my car, which included a sister and another cousin, I think. The cop pulled me into his car and gave me a talking to. He told me that normally they would have to write up a report about it but since we were family and it was not done maliciously then they would let it go. While we were waiting for all this to process I had to call Panera to tell them I needed to reschedule the interview because I was involved in an accident. I didn’t know how else to put it. They were happy to do so. Well, when I went in for the interview the lady doing it asked how the accident went and what happened. So I told her, because I couldn’t lie. She raised her eye brows at me and I didn’t know what to say so we just moved on to the interview. She never called me back. Hana – TX

  • bush doesn't care about black people

    Kanye West makes another embarrassing and awkward blunder. I feel sorry for Mike Meyers having to be associated with him.

  • the way we talk

    Years ago I was driving through Minnesota with a van full of friends, many of whom were foreigners. We stopped at a convenient store and the clerk could not understand my friend’s New Zealand accent when she was asking for water. She tried two or three times. I jumped in to translate. “She wants water,” I laughed. And since we had so many accents flying around, I put on an exaggerated Texan drawl and said “She’s not from ’round these parts.” Inexplicably, the Minnesotan man looked up with an icy stare and said, “Don’t make fun of the way we talk, sir.” In my confusion, I think I might have apologized. Jason – OR

  • i'm adopted

    In high school I was very quick to talk and slow to think. Once, I was riding in a car with friends, and we started talking about adoptions. I came up with the not-so-brilliant idea that adopted children could never have the same level of relationship with their parents as biological children. I said this with full confidence and began to argue with my friends. One girl, Megan, was especially fierce in her argument with me. I repeated my points and supporting ideas, talking louder and faster. And then it happened. Megan said, “Micah, I’m adopted!” Then we went silent. And yes, it was an awkward silence. A man with a theory is always at the mercy of a man with an experience. I was wrong. Micah the Admin

  • the dead parrot

    A couple years ago at a small party, we were watching funny YouTube videos. Someone mentioned the Monty Python “Dead Parrot” sketch, so I started loading the video. Two friends of ours arrived a little late, the video loaded, I started the video…awkward silence. Everyone started looking other directions and whispering. Then suddenly, the girl who had just arrived burst into tears and left the apartment, her husband following. It was then that the hosts chose to explain to me that the couple’s pet sugar glider had died earlier that day. The breaking point was when the stiff, dead parrot was being banged on the counter. The sugar glider had been stiff when they found her. Awkward! Rose – Dallas, TX