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  • the most embarrassing cup of coffee

    I had met my husband for a cup of coffee on my lunch break. We decided to sit outside because it was such a beautiful day. My husband bought the coffees and I quickly went to the bathroom. This particular coffee house was incredibly long from front to back and the bathrooms were in the […]

  • so, how many?

    I was just starting to feel attractive again, seven weeks after giving birth to my son.  Today I put on an outfit that I thought was slimming and headed out to the fabric store.  I told the young man measuring out my fabric that I was going to make a baby sling. “So, how many?” […]

  • the restaurant

    Years ago, I went out to eat with my parents, my husband, brother-in-law and sister. I don’t remember the occasion, but the experience is forever branded in my mind.  The waitress came to our table and did her schpeal about the lunch special and “what would we like to drink?”  One of her “flair” pieces […]

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  • remember when denim was in?

    My mother had a boyfriend a long time ago, Ed. He was a fan of Jeans, and that horrid denim jacket. Of course, this was in the early 90’s, so I guess it was “in” at the time. Anywho, I was walking around K-mart with him, just doing some shopping. Now you have to take into account, when you’re knee high to a grasshopper, adults look a lot different. I managed to sneak away and look at some toys. When I noticed Ed wasn’t around, I started to look for him. I went isle to isle and found the denim man walking to the registers. I caught up and without looking up, started to tell him about the awesome lego set I really wanted. When I didn’t get a response, I looked up, and to my amazement, saw a very confused look on the man…NOT ED! I panicked, and ran frantically to find Ed. I did, and everything was fine. I didn’t even mention it to him. Not that this would be an issue now-a-days, but a word to the wise…if you’re going to wear blue jeans and a denim jacket, maybe you should put your name on the back, or have some sort of identifying mark somewhere on your person. Carl – NH

  • video comments

    This was a string of comments under some guy’s link to Literal Video Version’s rendition of the music video Total Eclipse of the Heart.Click to watch video.

  • public restroom

    I was at a movie theater over the weekend, trying to wash my hands with what I thought was a sensor spout. The first one didn’t work, I moved on to the second, didn’t work, third one same thing. As I was moving on to the fourth one, a woman came up. I smiled and said “I don’t know what I’m doing wrong” She smiled and lifted the faucet handle. (or was it a smirk??????) Lea – OK

  • toothless guy

    I walked into the drug store in an especially good mood — so good, I smiled at everyone. No harm could ever come from that, right? When I walked back out to my car a strange man was hovering over my windshield. He was gruff, dirty, wearing too many layers and hadn’t shaved in awhile. He had a friend with him. He looked up at me and smiled really wide. He was missing his front teeth. “Oh good,” he said. “Now I can give this to you in person.” He handed me a note. “I saw you in the store and you smiled at me. You seem really nice. This has my phone number on it. Maybe we can hook up sometime.” Um, how did he know which car was mine?! I swallowed and said, “Oh…Um. Well, I’m married.” Not a problem. “That’s OK! I don’t mind. Call me soon,” and he forced the note in my hand. I think I was supposed to be flattered, but I took a different route home with extra turns, checking my rear view mirror often. Thanks for making my day weird, toothless guy! HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! Beth the Other Admin

  • can't take a joke

  • lime green renault

    I was 19 and spending a year in Germany as an au pair. I was having a great time and seldom missed my family back in the USA (or so I thought). One day I was at a park in Munich with the kids I watched, when a lime green renault drove by – just like the one my parents drove in NH. I started waving my arms frantically and yelling, “Mom! Dad! Wait for me!” Oops…wrong car, wrong continent. Yeah, I looked dumb. Laurel – NH