Social Interaction Rejection

I was just recalling this event with a friend the other day when it hit me that this was 1.) awkward and 2.) a memory. Perfect!

This is short and sweet. When I was in high school, I kind of knew this girl named, “Bernadette.” Bernadette played the clarinet in our high school band and sat in front of me in English class. One evening I went to a football game, and during half time there was a point where the band wasn’t playing, and was just sitting in the stands. I was passing by ‘Dette who was sitting on an aisle seat in the bleachers. So, I stopped to say hi and strike up some small talk. For the short period of time it lasted, she maintained a frigid half smile on her face before abruptly ending the conversation with, “OK, you can go now.” I hadn’t said a thing that could even be construed as offensive, and I definitely wasn’t infringing on the band’s playing time. I have no idea why she did that. So, I said….”OK….well…..see you later….” And I walked away alone….by myself….
The End. 🙂

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