wanna get some coffee?

A couple years after high school I ran into an old friend at a book store. We were close in school but hadn’t talked since. He was all excited to see me and told me that things were going REALLY well. He was still with his girlfriend and his life was on the right track. He asked if I wanted to meet up for coffee sometime soon to hang out. I said, “yeah! How about Friday?’

“Yeah. Friday’s good. Let’s say 6:30.”

When Friday rolled around I walked in the book store, and he was already sitting in the coffee shop section. We ordered drinks and sat down. He asked what I’d been up to and then immediately began pitching a really confusing business to me. It became obvious really quickly that he did not want to hang out. He had some cluttered URL to a website he had where I could buy things. He also let me know that he now sold these “really good healthier than normal energy drink”  energy drinks. I was not very interested. Then he got out some paper, drew some circles, and connected the lines. I was looking at a pyramid shaped multi-level marketing scheme for the first time. He gave me his number and a few free energy drinks, and we left. I haven’t seen or talked to him since. Thanks for the blindside and a crash course in spotting MLM guys fast.

The energy drinks were disgusting.

Micah the Admin

3 responses to “wanna get some coffee?”

  1. random. my husband just mentioned this healthy energy drink thing to me too. people that are trying to get richer than god by selling stuff make me upset. no one understands the concept of work anymore.

    • yeah. i think that’s it. anything that promises to get you rich without work is probably the last thing you should put effort into.