should i take this personally

My husband was a groomsman in our friends’ wedding. He was paired up with the bride’s cousin to walk down the aisle. At the wedding rehearsal, I was sitting next to my husband and the bride’s grandfather came over to talk with him.

Grandpa said, “So, I see you’re walking up with my granddaughter, Stacy.” Then he pointed to me and said, “She’s nice, but… STACY is beautiful!” He continued on to talk all about Stacy and how wonderful she was.

So I sat there and thought to myself, “WHAT?? Did he just insult me??…to my FACE??? Not only is he implying that I’m less attractive than his granddaughter, he’s trying to set my husband up with her!”

My husband kindly replied, “This is my wife and I think she’s amazing!”

This shocked grandpa and he said, “What?! You married a CHILD?”

A child?…Really?… Okay, besides the fact that I’m a little touchy about being mistaken for a 13 year old (which happens ALL the time), I was a quite peeved due to the fact that I was older than his granddaughter who was getting married, older than Stacy whom he wanted to set my husband up with…and most likely older than him and his wife when they got married.

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