the 2nd grade racist

In second grade I was chosen by my friends as the leader of a few areas. Those of you who know me know that I am horrible at anything athletic, but this was before I got my belly. I was the fastest runner and chosen as the best artist. One day my friends decided to have a gorilla drawing contest. I wasn’t to compete. I would be the judge. Sheri and Ryan were the only ones who got close. They brought the papers to me, and I picked the one that was by far the best. “Ryan wins.”
Sheri snapped back faster than lightning with a weepy voice, “You just picked his because I’m black!”
I had never even thought of such a thing. We were in second grade. I was instantly struck with fear, embarrassment and a sense of injustice.
So I replied with the best answer I could think of at the time. “No, I didn’t!” I think that was awkward for everyone in a five-feet radius.

Micah the Admin

3 responses to “the 2nd grade racist”

  1. Whaddya bet she learned it from her parent(s)? Why is it that people are quick to claim racism as the reason — when it rarely has anything to do with the situation?? And why, please, is it *usually* BLACK people who pull that one?!?! (Racism, not just “black”.)

    I once heard a black girl yell that at my dorm’s senior residential advisor. The stupid part? My RA just cracked a puzzled smile in confusion, because SHE’s black too! Ha ha.