so, how many?

I was just starting to feel attractive again, seven weeks after giving birth to my son.  Today I put on an outfit that I thought was slimming and headed out to the fabric store.  I told the young man measuring out my fabric that I was going to make a baby sling.

“So, how many?” he asked, smiling interestedly.

“One and a half yards,” I replied.

“No, how many?” he asked again.

“Baby slings?” I asked confusedly.  “One.”

“No, I mean, how many?” and he patted his tummy several times to indicate he was asking me how many babies I was pregnant with.

Trying not to blush, I told him I’d already HAD a baby seven weeks ago.  He did blush (as well he might) and tried frantically to change the subject.  It was painfully awkward for both of us.  Not only had he thought I was pregnant, he thought I was having multiples!

I consoled myself with a chocolate bar and thoughts of lying in wait for him with a baseball bat after his shift ended.

Rachel – NH

2 responses to “so, how many?”

  1. Oh no how awful, a guy once came into the coffee shop where my friend works and asked her when was she due….she wasn’t, doesn’t and has never had a baby!! There have been times i almost said it myself for small talk but didn’t last minute only to gratefully phew when it turns out there is no pregnancy there….the rule is if you cannot see the baby coming out do not mention the belly!! :O