not a tissue

The first holiday I went on with my boyfriend we stayed in quite a rural hotel the first night we arrived we were really tired so we watched the eurovision song contest(!?) in bed and then fell asleep……whatever was going on I had a really fitful delirious sleep and woke up a few hours later with(omg at the time this was the most embarassing thing ever)…I woke up halfway through the night blowing my nose on the bed sheet!!! I have no idea why or what I was doing, all I know is that I sat up in my sleep lifted the sheet that was over me and him and started REALLY LOUDLY, like I mean really loudly, blowing my nose on it, it woke him up and I woke up kind of halfway through doing it but because I was so sleepy I just sort of sat there in this dumb stupor with the sheet in my hands until he sat up and said..’Eh, hellooo…are you ok there??’ …….

Tanya – Belfast