i've picked up a prostitute!

I was working the late shift at a restaurant in Longmont, Colorado for a time.  One night, as I drove home from work, I observed a young woman standing by the road with her thumb up.  I make it a habit to pick up hitch hikers when I get the chance because I have been helped with a ride plenty of times myself.  Besides, it was near midnight and Longmont didn’t seem like a safe place for a young lady to be hitching at this time of night.  Safer with me than some creeper I thought.  Upon pulling over, the girl jumped into my truck, plopping down on the bench next to me.  As I pulled away she promptly asked me…….”Do you party?”  This wasn’t the usual “how far ya going?” I was used to, but, being a country boy from the sticks, I have seen my share of parties, so I replied,”… sometimes.”  I confess, I was quite naive at the time so I was a little surprised by what she said next.  “How much money do you have?”  My mind raced while I tried to decide if I was to be robbed or invited to a rave.  “Not much” I answered.  “I can work with anything you got”  She quipped.  Panic gripped me.  My God, I thought, I’ve picked up a prostitute!  I had to escape.  “I have a girlfriend” I lied.  She gave me a disgusted look.  “Sorry” (awkward silence)  “So, where am I taking you?”  “Here’s fine,” she said, so I pulled over and out she jumped.  I still get a kick out of seeing peoples faces when I tell them I picked up a prostitute once.  At least it was good for that.

Mark – NH

5 responses to “i've picked up a prostitute!”

  1. Wow, your wife’s gotten mistaken for an aspiring prostitute and you “pick up” one! Priceless! Hey, your brother-in-law picked up a male prostitute (thinking he was a hapless hitch-hiker) on his way to work a few months ago. Must run in the family!

  2. Ha. Rachel, is it possible you are mistaking me for someone else? As far as I know Elaina has never been mistaken for an aspiring prostitute.