devil child

When I was about eight or nine I went to a birthday party at a friends house, we did all the birthday stuff and then her mum announced it was movie time, we all piled into the lounge room and she put on Home Alone, I’d watched it already with my parents and we all had a great laugh at it(it was a really funny movie at the time!) so we all sit watching the movie and her mum is in the room watching it with us(while she’s doing her ironing?!) the bit comes to when Macauley has rigged up all the traps and the criminals are getting slapped all over the place, so I start laughing at the guy who has an iron fall on his face(it’s a comedy!!) and suddenly my friends mum goes crazy, she starts shouting at me..’Do you think that’s funny? Do you?? DO YOU!???! You think someone getting an iron smashed in their face is funny?? What sort of a child are you, I don’t know how your parents raised you but laughing at something like that, it’s disgusting, I can’t believe it’…all the other kids are staring at me like I’m the devil, I feel like him as my face is so hot and red from embarassment and THEN we all have to continue watching the movie in silence, she doesn’t turn it off or anything or express resentment at the movie makers…just me. DEVIL CHILD! O_o

Tanya –  Belfast

5 responses to “devil child”

  1. Haha oh my goodness that is so horrible. They obviously need to lighten up their humor… why did they want to watch it anyways?

  2. How ironic that she was doing her ironing at the time!! I would have had nightmares of her trying to teach me a lesson with the iron :/

  3. Well see this is what I don’t understand either, we finished watching it, I think she just had it in for me, we also played in the paddling pool that day and there was an older girl there with no bathing suit who kept goading me into soaking her, I refused and she kept insisting it was ok, she lived next door and she could get changed so eventually we started water fights and she got drenched, crazy came over grabbed me by the arm and started shouting at me about soaking her, ‘you are SUCH a silly, silly girl, caroline is soaked and her parents are out, now HOW is she supposed to get changed…..!!??’ I kept looking at the girl for defence and she just stood there awkwardly pretending like she hadn’t told me to do it in the first place….it’s one of those annoying memories that in hindsight you wonder why you didn’t stick up for yourself or tell someone but at the time – well, you’re just a little kid so you just zip up! :O N.B – the funniest thing was I met crazy a few years ago, she came into my restaurant and I served her table, when she was leaving someone mentioned to her that I was the owner and in front of her dinner companions and to me she said, ‘Oh Tanya, you own the place?….I wish I had have known I would have been nicer to you during the night’!! :O

  4. Leah!! LoL…I know the irony was not lost, maybe she herself had supressed memories of getting faceplanted with an iron……