brats revenge!

Oh my goodness , this is awful I feel so bad remembering this but here goes…..years ago we all went on a family holiday to Florida and the daily routine was to get up and go to one of the massive waterparks dotted around the place, you know the ones with the really long lazy river that you float round in rubber rings. One of the days that we went my mum was really grumpy and kept taking it out on us so my brother and I hatched a plan, there were two types of rubber ring, a black one for the lazy river and a red one for waterslides, the red one wasn’t allowed in the lazy river because it was too big and there were signs up everywhere saying so….so we got a red rubber ring and went to my mum on her sunlounger and gave it to her, we’re all ‘Here we got you the rubber ring, you have to go in it’s so much fun’ she was quite chunky at the time and she wasn’t sure, she kept asking why everyone else had a black ring but we convinced her it was fine and she got into the red ring(oh my God I’m laughing so hard writing this! :O) because the ring wasn’t for lazy river-ing when she sank her butt down into it she got stuck, we were chuckling by the side of the river, thinking she’d see the sign and realise and get out but she couldn’t remove herself from the ring, next thing she passes a lookout post, seeing the red ring the lifeguard picks up a massive megaphone and starts shouting into it ‘Maam can you please remove yourself from the inappropriate ring and exit the river!!’ ‘MA’AM PLEASE, RED RINGS ARE NOT DESIGNATED FOR THE LAZY RIVER!!’ over and over, we were getting more and more hysterical, the next thing she starts freaking out and kind of wriggling from side to side to try and get out but flips over with a big splash into the river with the ring on top of her, the lifeguard starts trying to tug her to the side of the river, everyone in the river is staring and then she emerges from under the ring and comes storming out like a fury…..we were so scared we ran away and hid for the rest of the day and got really bad sunburn. Probably serves us right! 😀

Tanya – Belfast