an awkward movie

When I was about 19 I had just seen what I thought was a funny movie “Office Space.” A few months later I offered to bring a funny movie to watch at my former youth pastor’s house. So we all sit in the living room ready to watch the movie I’m sitting on the floor with someone else and the movie begins. Immediately I realize that I have forgotten that there is some questionable content in the movie and one scene in particular that made me want to melt into the floor, but does he turn it off and berate me for bringing this trash into his house…no….it continues playing and I am mortified I just wanted to disapear into the floor boards on which I was sitting. When the movie was over I apologized and made my hasty escape.

Leah – Somewhere

3 responses to “an awkward movie”

  1. I still cringe at this memory even though it has been almost 9 years. I said and did so many stupid things back then and your parents always had so much grace for me…

  2. so this was at my parents’ house? that’s really funny. at least they didn’t yell at you like tanya’s friend. i happen to love this movie. :o)

  3. Yeah it was at your parent’s house….the one you guy’s lived in before you moved to NC. I don’t remember them saying anything to me…maybe they thought the obvious state of horror that I was in was consequence enough!!