when are you due?

Years ago, I was with my dad at a banquet. We were talking to a mom of one of my friends. I was thoroughly enjoying the conversation until my dad asked a question that one should never ask a woman unless he is already aware of her condition. He said, “When are you due? I didn’t know you were expecting!”
My friend’s mom kindly replied, “I’m not.”

Emily –  Los Angeles, CA

3 responses to “when are you due?”

  1. Ouch. I’ve had people think I was preggers a few times. Not fun but I was able to laugh at their discomfort!

  2. If you’ve got stories, Kate, here’s the place to get them off your chest once and for all. Don’t hold out on us!

  3. I AM expecting, but sometimes I pretend I’m not for a minute, just to watch inquisitive strangers squirm! Pregnancy makes me mean.