the shack



I was always very awkward socially, so many of my interactions with peers were, well… awkward. I remember riding home with a group of girls after some school function (I was about 12), and there was an older girl who I didn’t know very well.  To make conversation, I said, “I can’t wait to see where you live.  My brother says you live in a tar paper shack, but I’m sure you live in a really nice house.”  As we pulled up to her home, I realized my brother wasn’t joking.  And that was awkward – especially for that poor girl!

Laurel – NH

4 responses to “the shack”

  1. Ohhhh… I always wondered where I got that from! Thanks for passing along the genes, Mom!

  2. Are you still socially awkward? Not to jump to conclusions or anything, but that is a big symptom of Asperger Syndrome – a form of high-functioning autism. I am an Aspie, so this sounds like something I would do.