I work at a church and one of our fantastic members works for the railroad. When he stops and waits for a load by a baseball field (or whatever they do) he jumps off his train and hunts down softballs for our church team. I find softball gifts from him on my desk about every month during the summer.
He came into the office one day (after dropping off a “gift” to me the week earlier) and asked if I had received it. I, having the memory of a gnat, gave him a confused look and internally searched my brain to remember what he was talking about. Realization hit me and I blurted out “Oh! Your balls! Yep, I got ’em.”
My hand hit my mouth as soon as the words were out. He was gracious and only laughed at me. This, of course, had to be in front of half the staff.  The other half enjoyed the story later. Yes, I still work there…not sure how I haven’t gotten fired yet.

Julie – OH

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