skinny dipping

When I was a preteen I went skinny dipping with my older sister and a friend at the PUBLIC town boat dock in broad daylight.  I felt safe as I was clutching my suit and a floating inner tube figuring that if anyone came I could slip into my suit without anyone being the wiser.  A boat approached us and slowed as if to pull up to the dock.  No problem, I’ll just duck into the tube and slip into my suit, I thought.  Hmmm, I’d never tried to put on a wet suit with one arm before.  It was an impossible task and the boat was drawing closer and closer.  I shot out of the water and up the bank to hid behind some trees where I finally got that dang suit on but not before they saw my white tush streak up the bank I’m sure!

I don’t think I’ve ever heard the end of that one and my skinny dipping days were over before they really even began.  The boat wasn’t even stopping to dock, they had only slowed because they saw swimmers.  Oh, my aching pride.

Kate – NH


4 responses to “skinny dipping”

  1. I think they were going to pull in, but saw you frantically trying to tug on your suit and made a U-turn! I never thought you’d tell this one on yourself, Kate!

  2. Yes Rachel. You and your unnamed friend were very cruel to me about it after having pressured me into it. I was, of course, horribly mortified and it has taken me 15 years or so bo be comfortable telling the tale! 🙂