sir, that's the ladies' room

I worked as a waiter in a T.G.I.Friday’s for a short time. The clientele was far from my particular cultural comfort zone, so I already felt out of place and awkward most nights. One night I was walking to one of my tables and I saw a young man about to walk into the ladies’ room. Being the kind person that I was, I stopped him.

“Sir, that’s the women’s restroom. The men’s is right around the corner there.” Then my heart sunk.

The man suddenly became a woman and stared at me as if I were trash and walked into the ladies’ room. There was no recovering. I just went back to the kitchen and prayed I wouldn’t have to see her again. Then I was told that I had a new table. I walked out to it, and there she was ready to give me one more hard stare.

I managed to get them food and out the door, but it wasn’t easy. I suppose if I had been a little older and wiser I might have had a friend take the table.

micah the admin

8 responses to “sir, that's the ladies' room”

  1. luckily, it was a group. i think i got like two dollars or something. she was probably too embarrassed to tell them.

  2. Yup, that is like asking a fat woman when her baby is due and finding out that she is not pregnant. Reminds us to take “nothing” for granted.

  3. Don’t take it too personally, Micah. I’ve been on the receiving end of that one before. However, I didn’t blame the lady coming out as I was entering, because my hair was SUPER short and I was wearing military pants/boots for a paramilitary function. She looked at my chest while I smiled back, and she left without another word. LOL

  4. (I should clarify that I was entering the womens restroom and the lady coming out thought I was male.)

  5. I assure you, Micah, I’m not the Susie you work with. LOL. I will post that story sometime next week….although I’ve pretty much told it already.