junior high is awesome…

This story is when I was about 12 years old and in the 6th grade.

One night I had spent the night at my friends house.I had a crush on her brother so it makes this story even more traumatic. When we woke up in morning I had to pee VERY bad. This family only had one bathroom and it was occupied. I tried to hold it but could not and peed my pants. I was in their CARPETED dining room. To make matters worse as soon as it happened their little bitty dog came over and started to lick my leg. I had to ride my bike home with pee all over me.
Junior High is AWESOME.

Vania – TX

2 responses to “junior high is awesome…”

  1. I heard this story about a year ago and have been telling people on a regular basis ever since. Thanks, Vania. Your ability to attract awkwardness inspires us all.