in the spotlight

Almost 30 years ago I went to visit a LARGE Baptist church in Denver to glean from a Christian teacher there.  On Sunday morning we went to her church which was the home of the LARGE Christian School where the teacher taught.   They had a huge globe over the “stage” with lights wherever they had missionaries.
The message was on the sin of unbelief.  We were sitting near the back.  I did not know anyone but my hostess.  I was convicted.  It took many verses of the closing hymn for me to walk the aisle.
We filled out cards, and I transparently filled in my reason for coming forward.
Suddenly there was a man in a very high pulpit, like a tower, saying “Sarah Starr Magness, have you come forward to repent of the sin of unbelief?”
It may be my imagination, but his voice resembled the magnified voice of the wizard of oz.  I learned at some point that these services were being broadcast.
Oh,well.  What could I say?  “Yes.”
After that, the memory screen goes black.
And I wondered how many more verses it would have taken me to go down that aisle, had I known the procedure beforehand?

Sarah – TX