sixteen year olds can't handle crying
Feb 13th, 2010 by micah the admin

My sister’s friend had spent the night at our house, so her mom came to the door to pick her up. I was never comfortable around this lady, but I was the one who answered the door. So I tried to find some small talk (which I’ve never been that good at). The only topic I could think of was the recent marriage of her other daughter, and that they had a crazy obnoxious time with the photographer. The story sounded like it would be a funny memory. The photographer had basically taken over and had rushed everyone to the next step before they were ready. I said, “So, uh… I heard you had a crazy time at the wedding…” She looked horrified and started bawling in front of me. She didn’t say anything – just stood there and cried. Apparently it was only funny to me. I was only sixteen years old. I was not equipped to handle a crying woman. I stood there awkwardly until my mom came and rescued me by offering kind words to her.

Micah the Admin

can't take a joke
Feb 13th, 2010 by beth the other admin

lime green renault
Feb 13th, 2010 by beth the other admin

I was 19 and spending a year in Germany as an au pair. I was having a great time and seldom missed my family back in the USA (or so I thought).  One day I was at a park in Munich with the kids I watched, when a lime green renault drove by – just like the one my parents drove in NH.  I started waving my arms frantically and yelling, “Mom! Dad! Wait for me!”  Oops…wrong car, wrong continent. Yeah, I looked dumb.

Laurel – NH

dinner invitation
Feb 13th, 2010 by beth the other admin

There was a new young couple at our church, and we had invited them over to our house for dinner the following week.  On the appointed day, they showed up at the door, bearing a freshly baked pie.  We, on the other hand, had totally forgotten about the invite and were just sitting down with our kids to a haphazard meal of leftovers. Oops…that was awkward!

Laurel – NH

a touching moment on facebook
Feb 13th, 2010 by micah the admin

he looks like a boy
Feb 13th, 2010 by micah the admin

I was at whole foods shop with my four month old baby girl. Her stroller was very girly with pink flowers on it, so I figured it was safe to dress her in a pair of jeans and a flowery turquoise sweater. Several women were pulled in by the magnetism of this cute baby and began showering me with compliments and questions. “What’s his name?” an elderly woman asked. My baby was pretty bald, so it didn’t bother me. “HER name is Rebekah,” I answered, smiling so she wouldn’t feel bad. “Well! HE’S dressed like a boy!” she said emphatically. I didn’t know how to respond to this. One of the other ladies chimed in, trying to undo her friend’s statement, pointing out the more feminine qualities in my little girl. “No, he looks like a boy, all right,” she said stubbornly. I was confused. Were we debating the sex of MY baby? Totally weirded out, I left the store.

Beth the Other Admin
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