the bag of hair
Feb 10th, 2010 by micah the admin

Several months after 9/11 I was in the Atlanta airport. I was “randomly selected” to have my bags extra searched. I guess I looked a little like a terrorist. To add to this luck, the two people assigned to search my bags were women [Insert the obvious stereotypes of women cops here]. My bags were over-stuffed, and the zippers were bulging. I cringed as they took things out of their crammed locations knowing that they would never get it all back in. I thought for sure that I had nothing bad in there, but I didn’t account for culture differences. One lady pulled out my nag champa incense and asked what is was with incredible attitude. I explained that it smelled good, and she confiscated it. She found matches and took them. She found laundry detergent and took it. Our friendship was on the fritz. Then it happened. She pulled out a small ziploc and my heart sunk. It was full of my recently chopped off hair and affectionately labeled “Junior”. She looked at me like I was the filthiest criminal to ever live and with much more attitude and confusion than before she loudly asked, “What is this?” I tried weakly to explain why it was funny to me and my friends. She let me keep it. I didn’t recover my dignity.

Micah the Admin

mile high club
Feb 10th, 2010 by beth the other admin

I was on a flight headed towards London. The line for the bathroom was consistently long so I was going to wait. Finally, when I could not wait any longer, the seat belt sign came on and the plane started to shake violently. I decided to attempt going anyways because it was either in the bathroom or in my seat. I made it to the bathroom without the flight attendant seeing me but soon learned why they ask you to remain seated during turbulence. The airplane suddonly dropped and my hand hit the door which wasn’t properly latched. I looked up and the woman in the seat nearest the bathroom had a look of shock on her face. I shut the door quickly and finished my crazy ride and sneaking back to my seat got a very awkward glare from the lady. Lesson learned.

Amanda – CA

what, are you deaf?
Feb 10th, 2010 by beth the other admin

It was one of my first thanksgivings with my family in New Hampshire. I didn’t really know anyone, but I was trying to get to know people. Now, when I talk to someone, I really hate repeating myself. It’s just annoying to me. I can’t remember the topic but I was trying to tell one of the guests something. She just kept asking me “what?” or “huh?” I’m generally okay with a repeat once, but five or six times, I’ll just walk away. I was trying to be polite but I couldn’t take it anymore. I asked, “What, are you deaf?” Thankfully, she didn’t hear that because later I was pulled aside and was told quietly, “She IS really deaf –just thought you should know.” Oops.

Carl – NH

chocolate cake
Feb 10th, 2010 by micah the admin

I was newly married and didn’t know a whole lot about baking. I wanted to make a special cake to impress my husband for his birthday. So, I found an interesting recipe that called for coffee in the cake batter. I made the cake and it looked beautiful, we couldn’t wait to eat it! As my husband began eating his piece he wondered if it had a secret ingredient. I said, “Yes! It has coffee in the batter.” He said, “Are you sure it doesn’t have coconut or nuts in it?” I said, “No, just the coffee grounds.” He thought it was hysterical, because I was supposed to use instant coffee. I was mortified and embarrassed. The story has continued to be told all these many years later!

Jan – NM

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