didn't he have the hots for you?
Jan 20th, 2010 by micah the admin

I was a freshman in college trying to mind my own business and eat some dinner with my roommate when a guy we both new from high school came and asked if he could sit and eat with us. No problem. He’s a nice guy. In high school, he had tried to ask me out through a friend and through a few random situations, I had kind of figured that he had liked me. For some stupid reason, I had mentioned it to my loud mouth roommate, Penelope a while before this dining hall A.M. (that’s short for awkward memory). So Burt sat down to eat with us. At this point I don’t think his feelings for me were the same. During the course of the small talk that passed between the three of us, Penelope found it necessary to blurt out, “Hey, didn’t you say that Burt liked you in high school and tried to ask you out?” An awkward expression passed over Burt’s face as I felt metal welding degrees of heat rush to my face. This was awkward for two reasons: 1) It’s just awkward to have someone say that in front of the person you passively rejected a romantic relationship with IN FRONT OF THEM and 2) NOW HE KNOWS I TALKED ABOUT IT TO MY ROOMMATE AND SHE REMEMBERED IT ENOUGH TO BRING IT UP.

Timid Tamara

shouldn't have read out loud…
Jan 20th, 2010 by micah the admin

By this time I had been single for a few years and had a friend that I was very interested in.  My daughters also wanted me to take this friendship to a new level. One day I had this friend over for dinner. After dinner we were enjoying a little small talk. One of my daughters asked me if I knew a phone number of one of her friends. I took out my cell phone and was scrolling down looking for her friend’s name and I came across “mom”.  “Why do I have your mom’s phone number in my cell phone?” I asked. I read the number out loud. When I got to the final digit I realized that the number was the person’s sitting across the table.
Even though they did not admit it, I knew one of my girls had messed with my cell phone.

Rather Not Say – Somewhere

wrong bathroom, or so he thought
Jan 20th, 2010 by micah the admin

The campus I live on gives certain janitorial jobs to those living on it to avoid hiring someone else to do it and thus saving money.  My job is to clean the outside bathrooms.  So the other day I was walking across the court yard to clean them and since the mens restroom was closest I headed for that first.  As I approached it I heard someone inside using it so I changed direction and headed for the girls.  At that very moment a man walked by and said “did you just almost go into the boys room?  Are you confused?”  He laughed, passed me and was gone before I could correct his assumption that I was an idiot.

Hana – TX


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